Does Vinyl Car Wrapping Increase or Decrease Its Value?

Does Vinyl Car Wrapping Increase or Decrease Its Value?


A car wrap generates about 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions and can last a long time if properly maintained. You can have eye-catching vinyl wrap and preserve the original state of your car’s paint job, increasing its value over time.

While investing in vinyl wraps for your car has many benefits like long-lasting protection, durability, and affordability, its car wrapping value can either be increased or decreased depending on important factors. These include personal tastes, the quality of the wrap, and the condition of the paint.

Four Factors That Affect Your Vehicle’s Car Wrapping Value

The Buyer’s Personal Tastes

If you’re selling your car, there can be a significant increase in its value if the buyer also has the same taste as you do. However, it’s not certain that a buyer has the same taste as you, especially if your car is wrapped in a unique design.

It’s one of the reasons why almost every car customisation lowers value – the car can be tailored to a specific individual’s taste, but no preferences are exactly the same. For instance, cars with several customisations like bright colours or unique designs don’t appeal much to buyers, lowering the resale value compared to the original features of pre-loved cars.

Suspicious Buyers

Car wrapping can sometimes make people sceptical because they assume that you are hiding something beneath the wrap. Consider the fact that vehicle wraps are not permanent and buyers will eventually see what’s underneath when the wrap comes off. 

If your car has faded paint underneath and you put a wrap over it, it will look better, but selling it due to the imperfections may not increase its value. This is because they may assume the worst as the car is covered with vinyl wrap.

To ease your buyer’s doubts, you can choose a high-quality vinyl wrap and take a video of your car before the wrap is applied, making sure you pay close attention to all angles and show the quality of the paint job.

Then you can show the video to your potential buyer so they can be reassured that there are no hidden paint defects under the wrap. You can also provide the contact information of the professional installer who installed the vinyl wrap.

The Vinyl Wrap Itself

Your car’s vinyl wrap is very important as the personal preference of the buyer has a large impact on the car’s value. For example, if the wrap is something that a large part of the population prefers, like a quality gloss wrap, your vehicle’s value may be able to increase. However, if the wrap has a design, texture, or colour that is not that common, it’s likely to lower the car’s value. 

The quality of the wrap also makes a difference in the value of your car. If it’s applied incorrectly or a low-quality wrap is used, it won’t look as polished and it’s prone to peeling, wrinkles, and bubbles that can damage the paint underneath. If you were to remove the wrap and the buyer sees the condition of the paint job, it can reduce the value of the vehicle.

Make sure that the car wrap is done professionally to last a long time. It will also help increase the value of the vehicle if you decide to resell it.

Paint Condition

If you’re using a vinyl wrap for paint protection, it can help increase your car’s value. If your paint is maintained in good condition, it also prolongs your vehicle’s worth. Vinyl wraps shield your car’s paint job from abrasions, scratches, contamination and sun exposure.

If you remove the vinyl wrap before resale, the value of your car will be higher because you’re able to maintain the paint’s good condition. The original paint makes a better value than a repainted one. It’ll also be easier to sell the vehicle as most buyers prefer its original paint.

Superb Car Wrapping Services

Seven Smart Auto offers professional car wrapping services that are guaranteed durable, beautiful, high-quality and long-lasting. You’ll get competitive pricing and only the best materials to effectively protect your car.

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