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Wireless Carplay and Android Auto USB Dongle

Seven Smart Auto features the most dependable wireless dongles for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Browse these plug-and-play products for sale including wireless carplay adapter and connectors. We ship throughout Australia.

What’s so great about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

There are many mobile apps you can use while you’re on the road. For example, you might have a habit of putting on Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play Music while you drive. You might also need to pull up Google Maps or Waze to help you reach unfamiliar destinations.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto let you do these things safely. The third-party apps give you access to maps, play your favourite music, allow you to answer calls and let you answer texts by voice command. This way, you’re never distracted while driving.

Why use wireless dongles for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

There are three reasons for you to consider switching to wireless CarPlay or Auto:

  • Minimal system delays when you’re accessing or using apps via voice command
  • Added convenience of pulling up your smartphone without needing to plug it in
  • No hassle of cable connection issue or damaged cable wires

Let Seven Smart Auto install Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for you.

If your vehicle already has CarPlay or Auto but you aren’t sure how to activate it, let Seven Smart Auto handle it for you. The system will be running smoothly once we’re done with the job. We also handle extension retrofitting and head unit replacement services. 

Our Android Auto and Apple CarPlay head unit installation service is available for Sydney car owners. Give us a call today to experience a safer, more convenient way to use your mobile apps while driving.

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