Expert Hidden Dash Cam Installation Services in Sydney

Some dash cams become a liability for their bulk and dangling wires. At Seven Smart Auto, you can install a dash cam that doesn’t hamper your vision while driving through Sydney.

why choose us

How it works

We install a hidden camera behind the rear-view mirror, where the wiring is masked away from vision. The rest of the wiring wrapped with high-quality fibre insulation tape & tucked away behind the ceiling cover or along with the windshield. unlike, other bulky dash-cams, attached to the windscreen via a suction cup that often failed & look terrible!

Warranty & Support

You will get 2 years manufacturer's comprehensive warranties and we are also your local point of contact, no need to ship items back and forth to manufacturers! We offer a lifetime installation warranty, and we are here for you ready to respond, contact us right now!

Why install hidDEN Dashcam

It’s hard to notice from the inside/outside of the vehicle. By making it difficult to see, you can discourage theft and car prowls. And in the case of insurance fraud, vandalism, etc. you can record the actions of others without them knowing there is a camera involved.

HidDEN Dashcam, Behind The Rearview Mirror

Less interior space is taken up by the camera, and the interior cabin feels less cluttered & the visual aesthetics of the car are not cramped by a bulky dashcam.

why Hidden Dash cam

A dashboard camera is meant to be a safety feature in vehicles, recording the view through your front windscreen when you’re driving.

With thousands of traffic accidents across Australia that, according to the National Road Safety Strategy, resulting in an average of 1,427 fatalities every year, having a record of incidents that happen on the road is crucial. 

In particular, dash camera installation is essential for the following reasons:

  • It records evidence that may prove your innocence or another party’s liability in case of a traffic accident
  • It encourages safer driving habits since bad drivers are more likely to act carefully behind the wheel when being recorded in case of a traffic accident
  • It can lower insurance premiums, particularly from insurers who offer discounts to vehicle owners whose cars have safety features

Our service makes dash cam install easy. We take care of the entire dashcam installation process so you can stop searching ‘how to install dashcam’ or ‘dash cam installer’.

So again, stop searching for ‘dash cam installers near me’ or ‘dashcam installation near me’. For safe and non-obstructive professional dash cam installation, Seven Smart Auto can help. Contact us for a free quote and let us install dash cam on your car today!

Are you looking for dash cam installation near me? Or maybe you’re learning how to install a dash cam? With Sydney-based Seven Smart Auto as your dash cam installation partner, you can rest easy knowing there are no wires or too large cameras blocking your view of the road. And with a new and high-quality dash cam inside your vehicle, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Record driving incidents
Whether a traffic incident involves you or someone else on the road with you, dash cams help capture a clear picture of them that helps in investigations.

Capture crimes
Some dash cams are motion-activated, so they turn on when they detect movement. If someone crashes or breaks into your vehicle when parked, your dash cam can capture it.

Monitor or track your car
For concerned parents, having a dash cam in the car your child uses can help you keep an eye on them and ensure they aren’t being risky drivers.

Prevent insurance fraud
Some drivers deliberately cause traffic accidents to get payouts from insurance companies. But if you have a dashcam, you have proof that you didn’t cause the accident.

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Don’t let your vehicle’s dashcam turn from a safety feature to a liability. Let Seven Smart Auto install a hidden dash cam inside your car today.

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