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Equip your car with advanced aftermarket head units for sale in Australia that are compatible with Android Auto. Get in touch with Seven Smart Auto today. You don’t have to squint through your Android phone’s screen to check messages and notifications while driving when you have an automotive head unit compatible with Android Auto (alternative version of Carplay). With this installed, you can have a better driving experience.

Safer Driving
The Australian Naturalistic Driving Study revealed that Aussie drivers are distracted 45% of the time, making us one of the most distracted drivers in the world. Android Auto connecting your phone and your car’s head unit minimises distraction by keeping your gaze forward while allowing you access to your phone’s features through the head unit.

Seamless Phone-Car Connection
Connecting your Android device to your car’s head unit is super easy! You only need to plug your USB cable into your phone on one end and the other end to your vehicle’s USB port, follow the on-screen setup and you’re good to go. 

Simple User Interface
Once your head unit is connected to your phone and Android Auto is on, you can access your phone’s features through the head unit’s screen. The display or user interface is simple, featuring large app icons and easily readable text for accessibility. With a streamlined display, you can easily access the tasks you need on-screen without taking your focus from the road.

Multiple Entertainment Sources
One of the best features of Android Auto connectivity is the various options for entertainment you can access while driving. Apart from your built-in AM/FM radio, you can access the Spotify app and sing along to your curated playlists, listen to your favourite podcasts or play thrilling audiobooks during long drives and traffic jams.

Ready for a more enjoyable drive? Get your Android Auto head unit installed by Seven Smart Auto’s technicians today.

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