BMW Carplay&Android Auto

Looking to upgrade your BMW for the streets of Sydney? Look no further than a stereo upgrade to replace your old infotainment system equipped with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. It’s the ultimate solution to add the functionality of your phone apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps and Spotify without having to reach for your phone while driving. Keep reading to know why BMW Apple Carplay is a must-have feature for any BMW and be freed from the mess of cables and dongles.


What Are the Main Features of a BMW Apple Carplay Upgrade?

Get maximum convenience and increased safety every time you drive with wireless Apple Carplay for your BMW! With an easy-to-use touchscreen and voice controls, you can operate and use apps for calls, music and navigation without having to look away from the road. Simply download the apps on your smartphone and they will be ready to use on your new head unit, no dongles or cables necessary. It’s important to note that apps like Youtube are not functional on Apple Carplay to reduce distractions and increase road safety.


Tips to Install BMW Carplay

To upgrade or retrofit your new aftermarket head unit with wireless Apple Carplay into your BMW, first choose one that has been made specifically for BMWs. This way, you get a head unit that fits properly into the area for your stereo and plugs into the wire harnesses in your BMW. Additionally, you will need a few tools like an interior trim removal tool, socket wrench, pliers, and wire cutters.


Another crucial step to upgrade your BMW infotainment system to Apple Carplay is to disconnect the battery before starting any work, in order to prevent any electrical issues. After that, proceed to remove any necessary interior panels using an interior trim removal tool to reach any mounting points and electrical components connected to the existing stereo.


Once removed, install your new head unit and connect the corresponding wire harnesses together. High-quality head units come with instructions to make this step quick and easy. And with one made specifically for your BMW model, you get a front faceplate that fits flush with the stereo dash surround.


Android Auto

If you are looking to have wireless Android Auto installed into your BMW in Sydney, look no further. The same features and functionality that are available to iPhone users are also available to Android users. Although Apple Maps has better integration with Apple Carplay, Android Auto has superior integration with Google Maps. You can even use wireless Android Phone Mirroring with your new head unit, which mirrors the look and layout of your phone. Better yet, with Android Phone Mirroring, everything is wireless and allows you to use all your phone apps, including Youtube, without the need for cables and dongles.


BMW Apple Carplay And Android Auto Installation Sydney

Are you intimidated by the thought of purchasing a good head unit and doing the installation yourself? Seven Smart Auto has you covered with stock of the latest and greatest touchscreen head units equipped with both Apple Carplay and Android Auto, specifically designed for your BMW. Our expert technicians have years of installation experience on a broad range of BMWs at our Sydney workshop. With the tools and expertise needed for a top-quality fit and finish, Seven Smart Auto provides the ultimate installation and upgrade services for your Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

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