How Long Does a Car Wrap Last and How to Take Care of It

How Long Does a Car Wrap Last and How to Take Care of It

If you invest in a car wrap, you’ll likely be happy with your car’s new look. But how long does a car wrap last? Read on to learn about how long you can expect it to last and how you can make it last longer.

Factors that Affect Longevity

The life expectancy of your car wrap depends on a number of factors:

  • Climate
  • Sun exposure
  • Frequency of washing
  • Quality of the installation process

If you drive your vehicle often and it’s out in the sun a lot, it can lower your car wrap’s life expectancy to two years. Simply keeping your vehicle in the shade when it’s parked will give your car wrap an extra year or two. And if it is only driven on the weekends, then your wrap should last you 5 or more years.

The frequency of washing and the way you wash your vehicle also affect your car wrap’s durability. Frequent and improper washing will wear it down.

When getting your car wrapped, make sure to check for any signs of improper installation. Improper installation can cause the wrap to quickly wear down, peel, or get dirty under the wrap. With Seven Smart Auto, you get professional services and ensure that your car wrap lasts for as long as it’s intended to.

Other factors that affect your wrap’s life expectancy include the environment you drive in. If you live in a desert area, for example, your covering would quickly wear down. In addition to the heat possibly causing bubbles to form, dust particles would scrape away at it.

Finally, the actual material itself is a factor. It’s important to choose among the best vinyl car wraps and pick a well-known brand.

How to Properly Care for Your Car Wrap

You can make the most of your investment through proper care and maintenance.

You should only wash your car as much as is needed. If your vehicle is frequently exposed to dirt and pollutants, you should wash it once a week. When washing, use a soft rag or sponge and do not scrub hard. You should also avoid using harsh cleaning agents and polishes.

If you want to use a car wash, go to a brushless car wash. Automated brushes can lift loose edges, scratch the surface, or dull the laminate. Avoid pressure washing as well.

Anything that causes a stain should be removed immediately. These include dead insects, bird droppings, tree sap, and anything else that can stick to the wrap. The longer they’re left there, the more likely they are to permanently damage the covering.

To clean, soak the area with warm, soapy water. Wait for the water to loosen the contaminants, then rinse them off and dry with a microfiber cloth. You could also use cleaning agents that are gentler on your car, like denatured alcohol and citrus-based cleaners.

Professional Car Wrapping Services with Seven Smart Auto

Seven Smart Auto makes it its priority to provide you with the best driving experience and the latest in car technology. With us, you get professional car wrapping services, allowing you to quickly enhance your car’s look and get the most out of your car wrap. Contact us today or check out the rest of the Seven Smart Auto blog!


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