5 Benefits of Installing a Dash Camera in Your Car

5 Benefits of Installing a Dash Camera in Your Car


A dash camera is like an old, reliable friend. You may not think about them for a while, but occasionally you’ll be very grateful that you can count on them.

In the last decade, dash cameras have exploded in popularity. For a variety of reasons, this little device has rapidly become an essential item for millions of drivers all around the world.

Continue reading to learn a few undeniable dash camera benefits.

What Is a Dash Camera?

A dash camera is a small, in-car camera which is typically mounted to the windscreen. It records everything in front of the car, and some dash cams will also record everything behind your vehicle.

Car cameras are designed to record everything that occurs on the road. They’re especially useful when accidents occur.

Interestingly, the first recorded use of a dash camera was back in 1930s America. H. C. Fairchild invented the first “windshield camera” in Washington D.C. to help police officers catch traffic violators. His invention featured three cameras mounted to a vehicle, taking photographs that could be used as evidence.

Today, they’re far more commonly used and continue to increase in popularity. Without further ado, let’s look at five significant benefits of installing a dash camera in your car.

1. Valuable Evidence in Case of an Accident

The most obvious advantage of owning a dash camera is its ability to resolve a dispute between two drivers. It sometimes happens that the driver at fault is reluctant to admit his mistake, and some guilty drivers even try to point the finger of blame at the victim. It can become a case of one driver’s word against another’s.

A dash camera offers drivers real-time, efficient, and clear proof in case of an accident. It can provide valuable evidence in court, instead of relying on testimony and conjecture to come to a final conclusion.

In the field of road justice, there’s no better proof than a dash cam.

2. It Can Save You Lots of Money

The costs of buying and installing a dash camera are sure to be dwarfed by the amount you can save in the long run.

There are drivers who purposely cause accidents to extort money from the victim. Dash cameras are putting an end to this nasty insurance fraud scheme. By recording the event, drivers can turn the table on these scammers. 

A functional dash camera proving that you weren’t at fault will save you from paying the excess on your insurance policy and ensures you won’t lose your no-claims bonus. 

Increasingly, insurance companies are recognising the value of dash cameras. Many offer discounts to drivers who possess a professionally installed car camera.

Moreover, if you think you’ve been given an improper ticket, your dash camera footage can provide proof of your innocence.

3. Make the Roads Safer by Reporting Undisciplined Drivers

A dash camera will help you to report reckless and irresponsible drivers. Some people put the lives of their fellow drivers at risk. When reporting these drivers, eyewitness testimony is unlikely to be enough to keep them off the road.

However, an in-car camera can provide evidence of their dangerous driving and can be used to report them to the authorities. Drivers with dash cameras can help make the roads safer in this way.

Plus, a dash camera can also help you to drive better. By recording your own driving, you can pick up on any bad habits you may have developed. And being aware that your driving is being recorded is likely to encourage you to drive safer behind the wheel.

4. Record Your Entire Road Trip

Dash cameras aren’t just great for highlighting dangerous driving. They can also provide incredible memories of a road trip taken with friends or loved ones.

The camera can provide you with a memory you’ll cherish for years. If you want a dash cam for this reason, it’s better to invest in a high-quality camera. For more information, check out this article to understand how to choose the right dash camera for your car.

5. You Can Monitor Other Drivers in Your Car

The benefits don’t end there. If you’re a worried parent whose child has recently passed their test, a dash camera may be the perfect accessory to give you peace of mind. If they know their every move is being recorded, young drivers will be more cautious and attentive when they’re behind the wheel.

According to one study, teenagers exhibited a 70% reduction in risky driving behaviour after a camera was installed in the car.

Dash cameras can also be added to company cars or used by taxi companies to monitor their drivers. This will help maintain the highest level of road safety and can provide unbiased and priceless information in case of an accident.

What Types of Dash Cams Are Available?

There are two main types of dash cam: forward-facing or front-and-rear.

Drivers can invest in a basic dash cam which is affordable and easy to set up, an advanced dash cam which includes GPS, sound, and more advanced features, or a dual-camera dash cam which monitors the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

If you’re looking to purchase a dash camera, check out our range of products and bag yourself a fantastic deal.

The Dash Camera Benefits are Undeniable

Drivers would be wise to invest in a dash camera. Recording everything on the road can help prove your innocence in accidents, make the roads safer, and can reduce your insurance rates.

Seven Smart Auto is one of Sydney’s leading dash camera installation companies. Contact us for a free quote, and you’ll be on the road in no time with this valuable little accessory on your windscreen.


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