Ambient Light – A Fresh Idea to Make Your Car Stand Out

Ambient Light – A Fresh Idea to Make Your Car Stand Out

It’s no secret that car diehards will go above and beyond to make their cars the best! They seize every opportunity to show off their cherished cars, even if they have to stretch the facts a bit. Paint jobs, suspension upgrades, and tires upgrades are the most popular car modifications. However, they can no longer satisfy car diehards because many people are already on it. This is when car ambient light gets introduced.

Rather than upgrading the appearance of your car, it’s more worthy of putting effort into interior modifications. And ambient light is one of the easiest and least costly ways for car modifications, yet gives a wow effect. So, if you are seeking things that aren’t many people are into, installing ambient light can be a great point to dive in!

Sounds interesting to you? Let’s take a closer look at ambient light including its benefits and things you may consider.

What is ambient light?

Ambient light, also known as natural light or general light, is a form of soft light that covers your space just enough for you to function without causing a harsh glare. It is popularly used for indoor activities such as photo shooting and cinema. It creates a natural and flat atmosphere that makes people feel more comfortable. Installing ambient light in your car can enhance the cabin look and even soothe the driver.

You’ll probably ask for the difference between ambient light and built-in light. The simplest explanation is that ambient enhances your emotional experience while performing built-in lighting functions.

Benefits of ambient light

Benefit #1 – Safety warnings

Although cars have their own safety warning system, it is limited to specific alerts such as audible beeps, flashing lights on the wing mirrors, and pop-up messages on digital dashboards. However, these only happen when the car is under operation. It lacks the ability to prevent potential risks of accidents when the engine is turned off.

Integrated into the driving assistance system, ambient light can reinforce visual warnings, even when the car is stationary. When an objective (cyclists, cars, or even a person) is approaching your vehicle, the interior lights rapidly flash red on the door panel strip and wing mirrors to warn the drivers and passing by passengers. This particularly reduces the chances of accidents happening at night time. It gives everyone a clearer vision and warns in advance so that drivers have enough time to take action.

Benefit #2 – Navigation

GPS is famous for its navigation function in cars, but did you know that ambient light can work with it to enhance the effect? Volkswagen’s ID. light is a great example of ambient light with GPS functions. It does so by communicating with drivers through different lights, colour and animations. For example, your lights will flash blue to suggest drivers change lanes. How fancy it is! Also, these lights are installed at the front windscreen, which is easier for you to see notifications when driving.

Benefit #3 – Improve drivers mood

Love night driving? Why not hook up your ride with soft-mood lights that don’t hurt your eyes but surely make your cabin atmosphere smoother. When driving in a dark area, the ambient light saves you from the fearness and makes you feel more assured. Just like task lighting, they also makes you feel more calm and relaxed, therefore improves your mood.

Music is your best companion that distracts you from annoying traffic. But do you know that they are also associated with it? The light changes according to the music and temperature! For example, when playing rock music, the frequency of flashing lights increases.

Benefit #4- Custom designs and styles

Cars are everything to  car  diehards and they’d make every possible modification to show off! Car ambient lights can help get immediate attention from passerbys. This is what makes drivers proud.

Feeling dazzled with so many different lighting choices? Build your own taste! You can design where to install ambient light and what types and colours to choose from. Doesn’t this sound more creative and exciting to you?

Things to consider

After knowing the benefits for car ambient light, you might want to ask – is it legal to have them in cars?

Yes, believe it or not, having ambient lights installed in your car is legal in Australia. And it’s even legal in most states to drive with interior lights on.

Cost is another factor that may concern you. Don’t worry – it is affordable. The cost of ambient light varies from 5 dollars to 500 dollars per set depending on the quality of the lights. Also, the installation cost isn’t too expensive either. It’s as little as $100 but can take up to a few thousand dollars if you wish to have specialised customisation. But compared with the expensive price of your fancy car, you won’t be stingy with these costs.

Get ambient light for your loved car now!

Now that you understand what ambient light is, the benefits of having it, and the clarification of some uncertainties it’s time to get one for your own loved car! All you need is the best place to get them installed.

At Seven Smart Auto, we provide a range of ambient light and you surely can find one that fits your taste. If you want something special other than what’s displayed on our website, contact us now – we can personalise your ambient light in the style that you want.


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