How Dash Cams Help Drivers in Sydney During Road Accidents

How Dash Cams Help Drivers in Sydney During Road Accidents

In Australia, 64% of Australians aged 18 and above have been involved in at least one car accident. If you get involved in one, you may not be able to prove that you were not at fault for the accident and claim insurance if you don’t have sufficient evidence.

With a dash cam, however, drivers in Sydney can protect themselves with indisputable evidence. Read on to learn why you should consider having a dash cam installed.

What a Dash Cam Does

A dash cam is a small camera mounted within your vehicle and is used to record events that go on around it. It’s typically placed near the front windshield to maximise its field of view.

Depending on the recording quality and the camera’s SD card capacity, a dash cam can record about an hour or so of footage. Once the memory is full, the dash cam deletes the video then starts another recording. Some dash cams can also sense when you get into a crash, then they save the current footage.

How Dash Cams Help in Accidents

Dash cams are able to record the sequence of events that transpire during a car accident. They provide indisputable footage that may be used as evidence in court. The recording can identify who is at fault for the crash.

Insurance disputes often hinge on who has better evidence to back their claims. If another driver disputes the details you provide regarding the accident, you’ll have footage to prove your claims and strengthen your case. Dash cams record video and audio files. And most of them measure your vehicle’s speed through GPS.

What a Dash Cam Will Capture

A dash cam will clearly show what happened before, during, and after a collision. It can capture the colour, make, model and possibly the licence plate of other vehicles involved, which is particularly useful in a hit-and-run incident.

The recording metadata also contains the exact date and time of the accident, which may be crucial in proving a claim.

Dash cam footage can determine whether or not:

  • You drove straight and within your lane
  • You drove within the speed limit
  • Another vehicle hit you as it passed
  • Another vehicle swerved into your lane

It’s not just footage of the collision itself which could help your case. Your dash cam may also capture the other driver’s behaviour after the collision. If they’re unruly or seem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the footage will be of great benefit to any legal claims you make.

Could Your Dash Cam Work Against You?

Your dash cam won’t take sides. Whatever happens is what it captures, and if it shows that you played a part in causing the accident, it could invalidate your car insurance claim.

Your dash cam may show that you changed lanes just before the collision or before getting sideswiped or that you were speeding when the crash happened. This would implicate you, as it would indicate that you increased the chances of the accident occurring.

The audio may also invalidate your claim. If you complained about being tired, it might show that you chose to drive even though you were fatigued. Loud music may also compromise your case by indicating that you, due to conscious choice, were distracted when the crash happened.

Insurance companies will use almost any detail your dash cam reveals to prove that you’re at least partially responsible for an accident to dispute your claim. A dash cam is most beneficial to careful drivers.

Are Dash Cams Ever Illegal?

It is completely legal to have and be using a dash cam at all times. However, you are not allowed to distribute recordings of acts and locations that are expected to be kept private.

For example, you can’t distribute recordings taken on private property or of people without their consent. Since dash cams automatically delete footage anyway, you don’t have to worry about this unless you consciously break this rule.

Install a Hidden Dash Cam

Record driving incidents and increase your chances of successfully claiming vehicle insurance with Seven Smart Auto’s hidden dash cam installation service in Sydney.

We’ll equip your vehicle with a dash cam that visually blends in with your vehicle’s rear-view mirror, so you maintain your vehicle’s aesthetic and don’t get distracted by your dash cam while driving.

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