Best Value Cheap Mods For Cars 2023

Best Value Cheap Mods For Cars 2023

Car modifications are usually a very expensive part of car ownership. And if you’ve just picked up a cheap car, you might not want to go and spend more than what you paid for it on mods. Fear not! We’ve come up with a list of the best cheap mods for cars in 2022 that won’t blow your budget.

Cheap Interior Mods

Stereo/Head unit

Getting a new stereo or head unit is one of those car mods that transcend car enthusiasts to the general public. Being able to listen to your own music can completely transform your driving experience. The added power and adjustability of a new head unit will also make the audio quality of your sound system a whole lot better.

A bluetooth head unit will also allow you to make and receive calls without touching your phone, giving you safer trips without distractions or the risk of getting pulled over and fined by police. And you can choose to install one with Apple Carplay and Android Auto for more functionality.

Window Tint

Window tint makes your car look better and increase comfort

We’re counting this next cheap mod for cars as an interior mod since it’s applied inside the car. The first benefit of window tint is that they can add a nice visual accent to your car from the outside, especially with darker tints. Second, they reduce how hot the interior of your car gets by blocking out thermal and UV rays from entering through your windows. And third, they also help security by obscuring the interior from would-be thieves looking to break into cars and steal personal belongings.

Interior LED Lighting

Give a special feel to your interior with custom LED lighting

Add a cool vibe and atmosphere to your car every time you get in it with some ambient LED lighting. You can try led light strips placed in various areas such as behind the glove box or underneath the steering rack. Alternatively, you can also try LED dome lighting. 

You’ll be able to find many LED lighting kits that come with either a remote control or phone controls which can be accessed by an app. As a bonus, these lights can also be handy for when you try to do work or clean the car in low light or at night.

Steering Wheel And Seat Covers

This will help cover up any wear and tear, which becomes a very common problem on older cars or cars with high mileage. Fabric on car seats can often get holes and tears from long term use. Car seat covers can prevent further damage that could make the cushioning underneath exposed, and eventually damaged so much that they are unusable. 

Car seat and wheel covers are very easy to install and take almost no time. It is however important that you choose the correct size to fit your vehicle. This may require you to either measure or test fit products first. 

Cheap Exterior Mods

LED Underglow

Set your car apart with an LED underglow kit

LED lights aren’t just good for the interior of your car, they’re also great for the exterior. Find yourself an LED strip kit and attach them to your car with the provided adhesive or buy some double sided tape to fit them. Fit them behind your side skirts, front and rear bumper, and even in your wheel wells for maximum effect. 

Turn them on at night  and make your car stand out from the crowd. Again, these should come with either a remote control or phone controls. Spend money on more expensive kits and they’ll be more durable and have more colour options.

DIY Lip Kit

A cheap and easy way to revamp the look of your car, a DIY lip kit is a great option for everyone. You can choose to use either a universal lip kit or make one yourself from garden edging. If you want to be more DIY or can’t find a kit you like, make your own with some garden edging and double sided tape.

Custom/Vanity Plates

This can be an affordable way to make your car stand out or as a finishing touch to your build to make it more memorable. Custom vanity plates let you change the characters, plate style, plate colour or a combination of all. 

Car Wrap

Transform your car with a different colour or choose a custom pattern

Willing to try your hand at something more difficult? Then car wrapping is just the challenge for you! Vinyl wrap is a great option to either change your car’s colour or cover up damaged paintwork. This one will need lots of time to do correctly, so please do lots of research beforehand. Alternatively, you can use a professional wrapper to install your wrap. 

Racing Stripes

Add some flair to your car with some classic racing stripes! Starting in 1951 as a way to identify cars belonging to a specific race team, racing stripes quickly spread throughout the automotive world as a fun way to decorate cars. Mark out some lines with painters tape and then use some plasti dip or spray paint in your choice of colour to make your stripes. 

Performance/Mechanical Mods

Cold Air Intake

New cold air intakes are a cheap and fun mod popular with many car enthusiasts

Get a little more noise from your engine bay with a new cold air intake. Choose kits made specifically for your car to make installation easier or try fabricating your own with some metal piping. It’s important to note that it won’t necessarily make any more power over the stock airbox, and this is more important for cars with more extensive engine mods.

Resonator Delete

One of the most effective cheap mods for cars in what its intended purpose is, a resonator delete will give your car more exhaust noise and free up exhaust flow. Ready-made kits are available for certain cars but you can also replace your resonator with new piping yourself. Please look up how your car would sound with a resonator delete first on the internet. Whether or not you will like how your car sounds afterwards is also down to your personal taste.

Polyurethane Bushings

Boost your car’s road feel with poly bushes

Get some new polyurethane bushings to replace your old rubber bushings to help the handling and feel of the car. Polyurethane bushings will give you more steering feel and feedback at the cost of more NVH (noise vibration and harshness). And those with older cars with worn bushings will want to look into this sooner rather than later. 

Transform Your Pride And Joy With These Cheap Mods For cars

So there you have it, the best cheap mods for cars in 2022. Whether it be something small and simple like a lip kit or seat cover to bigger mods like a car wrap or new poly bushings, you’ve got so many choices for affordable mods. If you want to save yourself the hassle of doing DIY work or want professional fit and finish, visit Seven Smart Auto for your car accessory installation needs.


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