4 Ways to Wrap Your Car

4 Ways to Wrap Your Car

Car wrapping is a cost-effective, versatile solution for changing your car’s look. It comes with a wide range of options, resulting in an endless number of possible unique designs.

To add to all this, there are also different ways to wrap your car. By wrapping different parts, your car can have an even more distinct appearance.

Read on and find styles and ideas for wrapping your car.

1. Full Body Wrap

As its name suggests, each part of your car’s exterior is wrapped. Full wraps are the most expensive wrapping option, costing $2,000 to $5,500 depending on the size and complexity of your car. Partial wraps cost just a fraction of this. 

They also take more time. Partial wraps are usually done in just a day while full wraps take 2-3 days. The time and money are well worth it though, as a full body wrap will make your car look absolutely stunning.

2. Bonnet, Roof and Boot Wrapping

The bonnet, roof and boot can be wrapped by themselves. However, at least two of the three are usually wrapped as part of a styling package.

Bonnet, roof and boot wraps are quick, affordable options for improving your car’s aesthetics. These wraps are often in colours and finishes that contrast with your car’s paint. Matte black and carbon fibre wraps are among the most popular choices as they work well with most colours. With a two-tone exterior, your car will be visually distinct compared to most other cars.

This partial wrapping style has the added benefit of protecting your car’s paint from sun exposure. Your car’s bonnet, roof and boot face upwards and are, thus, the parts most exposed to UV rays. The wrap will help preserve the paint underneath.

3. Chrome Delete

Your car’s exterior trim includes the small, decorative parts around the doors, windows, side mirrors, wheel wells and headlights. These are often made of plastic and painted chrome which many find unattractive.

A chrome delete wraps these parts, often with black. The change is subtle but noticeable, and it gives your car a sleeker appearance. Door handles are also sometimes painted chrome and are included in chrome deletes.

Chrome deletes are very affordable as only small parts of your car are wrapped.

4. Brake Caliper Wraps

Brake caliper wraps aren’t always visible as they are at least partially covered by hub caps. However, when they are visible, they look amazing. Brake caliper wraps use reflective vinyl. When light hits the wrapping, the caliper looks as if it’s glowing from heat.

Other Parts to Wrap

Other parts of your car to wrap include the side mirrors, spoiler and front and rear diffusers.

Doors aren’t usually wrapped by themselves as the result is often awkward to look at. Instead, they are only wrapped as part of larger car wrapping projects.

On the other hand, side mirrors, spoiler, and front and rear diffusers can be wrapped by themselves to add an accent to your car’s appearance. The wrap’s design can either contrast with your car’s paint and pop out or it can complement the paint by being the same colour but with a different finish.

Considerations to Make

There are a few things to consider when choosing between full wraps, partial wraps, and types of partial wrap.

Vehicle Type and Cost

As mentioned before, the cost of wrapping a vehicle depends on the size and complexity of its body. This is especially of concern to those looking to get full body wraps. 

Depending on the parts included in a partial wrap, the cost might not differ much between different models. Car roofs, for example, don’t differ much in size and complexity.


Ask yourself what you want for your car. Obviously, a full body wrap will transform your car’s look the most. However, a bonnet, roof and boot wrap provides noticeable changes as well and costs much less. 

If you’re mostly happy with how your car currently looks, a chrome delete, brake caliper wrap, or wrapping smaller parts of your car provides subtler enhancements to its aesthetics.


Car wraps last an average of five years. The factors that affect this include sun exposure, climate, and proper washing. Keep your car in the shade when parked and use non-abrasive cleaners to maximize its lifespan.

Parts that Can’t Be Wrapped

Car wraps can’t cover unpainted plastic as they can’t stick to these surfaces very well. This can include parts of your car’s door handles, side mirrors, and panels.

Car wraps aren’t easy fixes either. Bad paintwork or peeling paint can’t be wrapped. Paint should be clean and in good condition so the wrap can properly stick to the surface.

Have Your Car Wrapped in Sydney

Seven Smart Auto’s car wrapping services in Sydney will change your car’s appearance to suit your preferences while also protecting its paint from damage. If you’d like to know more, here are some FAQs on car wraps.

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