How to Vinyl Wrap a Car


Vinyl car wrapping is a great investment as it can help protect your vehicle’s paint job, more affordable than an overall body paint, and there are lots of design possibilities. While you’re sure to get a more polished look when done by professionals, vinyl wrapping is also possible to do on your own if you’re … Read more

How Durable is a Vinyl Car Wrap?


Investing in a car wrap will help improve your car’s appeal and add an eye-catching finish. It’s a more affordable option of changing the look of your car without the need for a full makeover. You can choose from a selection of colours and designs that can’t be replicated by traditional paint jobs. A vinylcar … Read more

Ways to Troubleshoot When Apple CarPlay is Not Working


Apple CarPlay lets you use iOS applications while driving hands-free by directing all of your car’s infotainment systems. CarPlay is an easy-to-use system. Once linked, your iOS apps will appear on the car display. For example, you may send or receive messages, check directions, or make or receive phone calls when driving, all while keeping … Read more

7 Easy Tips to Extend your Car Battery Life

car battery life

If you’ve ever had the pleasure (or displeasure) of having your car battery die in the middle of the road and having to call roadside assistance, you know that taking care of your car’s battery is crucial. Apart from the embarrassment, you also have to go to the trouble of recharging your battery and with … Read more