10 Things to Do After You Buy a New BMW

10 Things to Do After You Buy a New BMW

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Excited about your new BMW? We’ve researched essential tips to enhance your luxury car experience in Australia.

  • Initial Inspection: Thoroughly check your BMW inside and out for any issues.
  • Owner’s Manual: Dive deep into the manual for complete understanding.
  • Upgrade Tires: Opt for high-quality tires suitable for Australian roads.
  • Optimise Lights: Ensure all internal and external lights are functioning well.
  • Paint Protection: Apply paint protection film against harsh conditions.
  • Window Tinting: Consider tinting for comfort and privacy.
  • Add Apple CarPlay: Enhance connectivity with your iPhone.
  • Join BMW Club: Connect with fellow enthusiasts for insights.
  • Regular Maintenance: Schedule consistent upkeep for longevity.
  • Personalisation: Customize your BMW to reflect your style.

Best wishes on your new BMW! To ensure that you drive safely and enjoyably, there are a few things you should do before starting the thrilling journey of owning a luxury vehicle. This article will guide you through ten important steps—with a focus on maximising performance, safety, and convenience—that you should take after purchasing a new BMW in Australia.

Inspect Your New BMW

Make sure your ownership experience is smooth by carefully inspecting your recently purchased BMW. Examine the outside and inside for any obvious dents or flaws before heading out on the road. Examine the car’s features and accessories in detail to make sure everything the dealer said it would have are there and operating at peak efficiency. 

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In order to spot possible problems early on and take proactive measures to address them, this initial inspection is crucial. You can protect your new BMW from hidden defects and build confidence by taking the time to complete this thorough inspection. 

Review the Owner’s Manual

While it might appear a small move, delving into your BMW’s owner’s manual is a pivotal initial move towards unleashing the full potential of your new luxury vehicle. This guide serves as an invaluable resource, providing intricate insights into the nuances of your BMW. Brimming with information about its advanced features and distinctive driving attributes, the handbook is a treasure trove for familiarising yourself with the vehicle. 

When it comes to learning the subtleties of a safety feature or the nuances of the system, the owner’s manual is your all-inclusive guide. This step elevates your ownership to a more knowledgeable and satisfying level, improving your driving experience and ensuring you are proficient in utilising the plethora of capabilities your BMW has to offer.

Upgrade Your Tires

An immediate enhancement for your new BMW involves prioritising high-quality tire upgrades. Though the vehicle is initially equipped with factory-fitted tires, transitioning to performance or all-season variants can substantially elevate your driving experience. Careful consideration of Australia’s diverse driving conditions is paramount in selecting tires that deliver optimal grip, precise handling, and superior comfort. Investing in superior tire technology contributes to the vehicle’s overall performance and ensures a safer and more comfortable ride, especially in variable weather conditions.

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Tire Upgradation 

Investing in new tyres is a proactive way to make the most of your BMW while driving and shows that you value both safety and enjoyment. Choose tyres that complement Australia’s diverse terrain to enhance your driving dynamics and deliver a driving experience that is unmatched by anything that your BMW is capable of.

Optimise Internal and External Lights

Give top priority to optimising the performance of your external and internal lighting. Maintaining your car’s headlights, taillights, brake lights, and indicators well is crucial for both your safety and the safety of other drivers. Check these parts frequently to detect any problems quickly. If required, think about switching to more energy-efficient, brighter light bulbs to improve visibility when driving at night. 

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Lights Checking

Maintaining the appropriate operation of your BMW’s lights enhances your driving enjoyment and safety while on the road. Increased visibility from brighter lights can lower the chance of accidents and increase overall road safety. Take care of your car’s lighting system on a proactive basis to ensure a safe and well-lit driving environment. Upgrade it when needed. 

Install Paint Protection Film

Shield your BMW from Australia’s harsh conditions, like scorching sun and gravel roads, with the smart investment of paint protection film (PPF). This transparent layer acts as a robust shield, safeguarding your car’s paint job from UV rays, stone chips, and bug splatter. PPF adds an extra protective dimension without compromising your BMW’s aesthetic appeal. 

Consider it a subtle yet intelligent barrier against the elements, ensuring your luxury vehicle maintains its stunning and pristine appearance, even amidst the extreme Australian weather conditions.

Consider Window Tinting

Consider window tinting to protect the interior of your BMW and improve your driving experience. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, tinted windows also control interior temperature, lessen glare, and offer an additional degree of privacy. Less glare makes driving more enjoyable, especially in the sun, while keeping the interior temperature comfortable. Window tinting ensures that your BMW provides a more comfortable and private driving environment by serving style and function.

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Window Tinting

Add Apple CarPlay

Despite the advanced infotainment systems in modern BMWs, the addition of Apple CarPlay takes in-car connectivity to the next level. Achieve seamless integration between your iPhone and the car’s multimedia system, facilitating easy navigation app use, phone calls, and enjoying your preferred music.

Join a BMW Enthusiast Club

Forge connections with fellow BMW enthusiasts by becoming a part of an enthusiast club or online community. Delve deeper into your vehicle’s intricacies, participate in organised meetups and events, and swap stories with like-minded individuals. Engaging with other BMW owners not only enriches your car ownership journey but also offers a valuable repository of insights tailored to your particular model. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Ensure your BMW operates optimally by scheduling regular maintenance. Consistent upkeep is vital for your vehicle’s longevity and functionality, encompassing essential tasks like brake inspections and oil changes. Capitalise on the complimentary maintenance packages typically offered by dealerships, a valuable inclusion with most new BMW purchases.

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Schedule Maintenance

Personalise Your BMW

Lastly, customise your BMW to express your sense of fashion and taste. If you’re a car enthusiast, add accessories like personalised floor mats, a chic licence plate frame, or even performance enhancements. Customising your BMW improves its appearance and strengthens the bond between you and your car.

Get an Exciting New BMW Experience

Taking these ten crucial steps will make sure that your journey in your luxury car is safe, enjoyable, and uniquely yours. Having a new BMW is an exciting experience. Whether it’s adding Apple CarPlay, inspecting the car, personalising it to your taste or replacing your tyres, these suggestions will help you get the most out of your new BMW in Australia. I hope you have a safe and exciting journey!


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