Does Vinyl Car Wrapping Increase or Decrease Its Value?


A car wrap generates about 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions and can last a long time if properly maintained. You can have eye-catching vinyl wrap and preserve the original state of your car’s paint job, increasing its value over time. While investing in vinyl wraps for your car has many benefits like long-lasting protection, durability, … Read more

Car Wrap Ideas That Will Change Your Ride

car wrap ideas

According to the latest statistics, Australia has 17,158,195 automobiles, or 92.5 per cent of households have a car. It’s no surprise that the car wrapping industry in Australia is growing in popularity. A car wrapping serves as a blank canvas for your car. You can keep things basic by sticking to a single colour, or … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Wraps


Thinking of reinventing your vehicle’s exterior? Anything is possible with car wraps. As a trusted provider of car wrapping services in Sydney, Seven Smart Auto addresses your most frequently asked questions about this type of vehicle makeover. What is a car wrap? A car wrap is an instant solution that protects your car’s surface and … Read more

10 Headache-Saving Tips for Buying Used Cars

tips for buying used cars

Are you in the market for a used car? These tips for buying used cars can save you a lot of headaches. Why can they cause headaches? Well, used cars are a great option for first time car owners or those looking to save some money while still getting a new(-ish), functional car. But because … Read more